Medical Lake Hévíz

The Hévíz Medicinal Lake is the biggest biologically active natural thermal lake in the world, which refreshes both body and soul. Today's classic Hévíz-therapy goes back to the past for more than 200 years.
The 4,4hectare and 38 meters source deep lake is supplied by sources, which is rich in sulphur, radium and minerals; due to its great water output the water of the lake is changed in every 48 hours.
The unique medicinal mud containing both organic and inorganic matters, the radon emanation and reduced sulphide are representing unique medical values. The several thousand years old, medicinal water and medicinal mud with complex phísiotherapical treatments are highly effective at all rheumatic and locomotor disorders.
The temperature of the water is about 32-34°C on the covered part of the lake and never drops below
25°C on the open part. In the summer time, it can reach even 37 °C.
In the wintertime vapor cap develops above the surface of the lake which hampers the cooling of the water and forms a natural inhalatory. Breathe in the hydrogen sulphide and radium emanation departing to the air results in curative effect: Maintain the tired vocal cords. Benefits of Lake Hévíz may also be capitalized in the form of drinking the waters and thus are suitable of treating your digestion and stomach disorders.