Medical cure

We offer the following possibilities in the neighboring NaturMed Hotel Carbona****  

1000 m2 of water surface
- Pleasure bath outdoor pool with various pleasure elements:                
  Massage - jets, whirlpool, whirl-bed, Mediterranean style sunbathing terrace,                
 Kids slipway, playground
- Roofed swimming pool with sauna-island:                
  Sauna, steambath, aroma-chamber, tepidory, salt chamber, wellness-pool 


Special cure offered only to our guests:
Unlimited swimming pool, sauna-island, pleasure bath, and thermal bath use.
Valid: Until 31.03.2021
Order medicinal cures two weeks prior arrival.

Small theraphy: 1 week 6 treatments and medical examination
(instead of 175.- EUR) 152.- EUR/person
Basic theraphy: 1 week 10 treatments and medical examination
(instead of 253.- EUR) 220.- EUR/person
Medium theraphy: 2 weeks 20 treatments and medical examination
(instead of 482.- EUR) 419.- EUR/person
Full theraphy: 3 weeks 30 treatments and medical examination
(instead of 660.- EUR) 574.- EUR/person

Entrance ticket possibilities to the NaturMed Hotel Carbona**** bath complex:

Swimming pool and sauna ticket and outdoor pleasure bath
All-day ticket: 5.490,-Ft
(Instead of 6.100,-Ft only for Klára Villa guests!)

Swimming pool, sauna island and pleasure bath ticket for 4 hours: 3.000,- Ft/person
Our guests may make yue of it in the following times:
Swimming pool and sauna island: 17:00-21:00 daily
Pleasure bath: 17:00-21:00 daily

Thermal bath all-day ticket: 2.970,- Ft/person
(Instead of 3.300,-Ft only for Klára Villa guests!)

With the 4-hour ticket, our guests may not use the bath area of the hotel on holidays.